Apply scientific behavioural principles to your next service, product or business design.

There was once a time when humans were believed to be rational agents, carefully and objectively weighing up evidence before making decisions. Perhaps not surprisingly, we now know that this is not the case. Humans are predictably irrational--prone to bias, incorrect judgements and heuristics–some of which we are aware, but most of which we are not.

A wide body of evidence, spanning across psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and economics, has documented the ways in which human behaviour can be influenced. This deck was designed to break down these complex theoretical and empirical findings to make information about why people behave the way they do more accessible. Use them in workshops, brainstorms or solo ideation to intentionally design for positive behavioural outcomes.

Rather than attempting to explain human behaviour in its entirety, each card should be considered as a starting point, to prompt new ways of thinking, critical enquiry, and perspective taking.